Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Under Construction

As I re-vamp this blog I was GOING to put a picture of a lady construction worker here - thought it would be cute.  Then I image searched 'woman construction worker'.

I will say that while I as glad to see so many hard hats I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of protective footwear.  Or... shirts. 

So... we won't be going with that.

But this blog is officially under construction, kittens.

---2017 UPDATE-----

Going to actually start following through on that construction!

Things shall change and this blog will be back in business shortly.  Maybe it's the move to the west coast of the USA, but in terms of aesthetics I'm feeling more lo-fi and grittier these days and I really feel that I need a whole new look on this blog before I can get back into this.  I will explain these changes when I've put them in place, to document this experiment.  I'll share observations as the blog changes further.

I have some ideas about things to do to this blog to make it prettier and maybe more useful... to me, at least (beauty being subjective and utility being interpreted here very liberally).  I've also decided to post slightly more personal content on here.  VERY slightly more personal content.  I suppose that's part of why I fell out of posting - all of the fun stuff I felt that I really couldn't put up here without totally throwing away my privacy.  And I'm not terribly interested in some sort of online public diary, but I realize that...it would make me really happy to share a little more with whatever random blog-browsing humans happen to find their way here.

Also....I'm not quitting on Blogger as a platform.  For now. 

(cue Journey's "Don't Stop Believing")

 I don't know, we'll see about that.  I know a lot of people have bailed on Blogger.  For now, I'm happy enough with it.  We'll see if it lets me do the design things I have in mind.  Mainly...I've set myself rather a lot of goals in the next few months and I think it's pretty unrealistic to throw developing my own website in there yet.  That might be a late 2017 or even 2018 goal, but for now I'm not going anywhere. 

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