Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Blog Construction Update - Old Posts are down for now, Color Archive in Progress

As a status update, in preparation for a few new pages on this blog I've taken down all of the previous blog posts.  I've used a lot of links over the years and - having not touched this blog in a while, I want to check them out for their continued good health and usefulness.  Not sure how many of the posts will be returning to the blog - likely most of them in some form or another but not for a few months.  I cringe at some of the writing in the early ones now....  But - if they're salvageable, they'll come back.

The Color Archive will not be going away - it will be greatly expanded.  I'm still planning on keeping this as a project that runs on tumblr because their format is just better for posts with minimal text.  Currently it goes nowhere because there are some real-world mechanics that have to happen before that can go up.  Namely... painting and photographing a lot of color swatches. 

So. many. color swatches.  

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